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Our exquisite cooking guarantees a delicious meal. Fortunately, we are not the only ones who feel that way, so here is a list of our awards and quotes from food critics.


“Authentic cuisine that is hard to find in our fast food generation. We highly recommend Big Italian Pizzaria and Restaurante.”


“A well-managed and very satisfying family restaurant with a long tradition in our city.”

Jessica S.

Benicia, CA


I ate at Big Italian in Vallejo 5 out 8 days for Lunch! Try their Cannoli you will not regret the extra calories!


julie I.

Vallejo, CA


So DELICIOUS!!! Had the Gnocci, and the cheeze ravioli with garlic bread.  We did take out, but the service was great.  Greated when we walked in the front door, and we wished we had stayed to dine in.  Reminds me of the Italian restaurants in Oakland when I was a kid.

Keep up the good work!!  Bueno Appetito!

Monica F.

Vallejo, CA


Love, love their pizza! reminds me of the pizza I ate when I visited Italy, The flavor, the toppings, and just the right amount of sauce. I love the idea of ordering by the slice and the way you like... the single slice is like a "small" pizza elsewhere. The sandwiches were huge, I had 3 meals for the price of one. You get ALOT for what you pay...a new favorite spot for fast, friendly, and absolutely tasty meal. I think I'll be stopping by later today and try the Eggplant Parmigiana...can't wait!  If you like to try a little taste of Italy, got to try "Big Italian Pizzeria"

Karina T.

American Canyon, CA


Let me start off by saying that if you are a pizza lover, then this is the place for you.  Me im from New York and the pizza there can not get any better, so im a very pickie pizza eater. I moved to california a year ago, and i live right next to vallejo plaza n i saw that "BIG ITALIAN PIZZERIA" was opening soon, so i was like ok ill come and check it out wen it opens. when i wen in to big italian and order a slice of the new york combinatio n i saw that big slice of pizza with all those toping infront of my eyes i was so shock, i told the manager, " i was like this is new york style pizza". i was so happy to find a pizzeria that would make pizza they way they would back home. So delicious and such a big slice of pizza that could feed two people.... it was amazing.... i never thought i could find new york style pizza but i did and its jusst like being back at home in the big apple.

So if you really love pizza, i mean really love pizza go down to vallejo plaza and go to "BIG ITALIAN PIZZZERIA & RISTORANTE" and try u will not regreat it, let alone forgett. its a memorie of a lifetime. ;)


Vallejo, CA

9/7/2011 1 photo

Cool little pizza spot.  It resides in the same location that was La Cabanita.
After talking to one of the employee there I found out that they also own Evelyn's Big Italian Pizzeria & Ristorante in Fairfield.  Was also told they used to own Perrys in American Canyon.

I bought a New York Stromboli. A little over $8 with tax. The size was about 14x4x1.5 inches.  Crust was pretty good - not too thick or thin. Nice thick layer of mozzarella with a good amount of meat.  Came with about two cups worth of very tasty marina sauce.  Took about 15 minutes.

There were a couple of signs stating free wifi. Possible study spot.

A very nice update to Laurel/Lauren? Plaza.

Will definitely come back and try some of there other fares.

Janett H.

Vallejo, CA


I ordered a slice of combination pizza and a cannoli to go, since I figured pizza was a fast, safe option for trying a new restaurant on my lunch break, and no one else seems to make decent cannoli... It took about 10 minutes waiting for the pizza, since they made it fresh; no heat lamps to dry out old pizza. when I got the triangular box, I realized it was HUGE!!! I thought I ordered a slice, not a 1/4 of a whole pizza! I definitely appreciated the massive slice though...

When I took the first bite of pizza, I did the "my taste buds are excited" dance! It was soooo good! That single slice of pizza for $4.75 was about 3 meals, and I am a pizza lover, so that is definitely saying something. Next time, I will have to try the pesto or the "Louisiana" pizza. Mmmm... I'm already excited!

The cannoli made me close my eyes and savor the creamy deliciousness of it. The shell was light and crisp, and the homemade cream was the  perfect consistency and flavor.

Big Italian is definitely looking like a new favorite! Good job guys! See you soon! :)

Debbie M.

American Canyon

8/29/2011 5 photos

We just ate lunch here today (opening day).  We ordered the New York Stromboli and Chicken Parmigiana Stromboli. They were delicious! The chicken was perfectly breaded & seasoned and so crunchy.
They have a large menu selection of pizza's, pasta, and salads. It's nice to have a new option for quality Italian food. I highly recommend it!